Over the past two years I've been deeply involved in the design process of a very cool action figure/building kit/game concept from Hasbro, Inc. known as XEVOZ.* Much of the credit for how awesome these toys are must go to the designers at Hasbro. I was mostly following their direction, but I hope that something of my handiwork helped enhance the line in some way. If you'd like to know more about these toys, check out the website at www.XEVOZ.com

My initial entry into working with Xevoz was designing graphics for the label sheets that come with the kits. I did the labels for all the figures in Waves 1 and 2.
Alpha Ranger Alpha Ranger labels Razor Claw Razor Claw Labels Skull Jack Skull Jack Labels Sledge Trooper Sledge Trooper Labels Inferno Fury Inferno Fury Labels
Shadow Blade Shadow Blade Labels Bone Cutter Bone Cutter Labels Omega Guard Omega Guard Labels Grim Skull Grim Skull Labels
Sky Grinder Sky Grinder Labels Dune Stinger Dune Stinger Labels Shock Berserker Shock Berserker Labels Hemo Goblin Hemo Goblin Labels Moon Stalker Moon Stalker Labels

After several months of doing labels, the Xevoz development team decided they needed more help in the area of developing the character design plans that we would send to the sculptors. My first go around was with the mummy character that came to be known as Crypt Curse. I've done several more characters since then (although I can only show you the stuff that's been publicly released.) Astute Xevoz fans may notice that there are differences between the initial designs and the final released versions. It's pretty typical for the looks, accessories, and especially the names to change for toys between the drawing board and the store shelves. Overall, it's been pretty fascinating to get to see the process in action. Lotsa work too...
Crypt Curse Crypt Curse Basic Crypt Curse Armored Crypt Curse Armor Components Crypt Curse Weapons
Preda Crawler Preda Crawler Front Preda Crawler Left Preda Crawler Right


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