AUGUST, 2009

Okay, been too long. Got a job around Christmas of 2004 at Blue Fang Games, and updatin' the ol' site kinda fell past the back burner and rolled behind the back of the stove, metaphorically speaking. Four point seven five years later and I'm back huntin' for work again. Rejiggered the home page to link to a buncha Flickr galleries, to more efficiently get my work in front of potential employers' eyeballs. If you're here, you're taking the extended tour, for which I'm grateful. Feel free to pull up a chair and set a spell. This part of the site is kind of in museum mode now, 'til I work out a few angles. Anyway, enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.

OCTOBER 10, 2005

Hargh! Too long without updating. Fie! Anyhow, been doing pretty well, doing stuff. Finally updated the B.A.S.E. site to reflect our switch over from Heroes Unlimited to Mutants & Masterminds, as well as all the changes in roster. I've found it to be a much more flexible system, although I'm still getting used to their Second Edition rules. <gripe>Just after I've finished converting my rogues gallery from HU to M&M, of course I must now convert from M&MI to M&MII. Curses...</gripe> So go and enjoy the superguys. My super power is apparently procrastination. Hopefully I'll be updating more frequently than this...

DECEMBER 14, 2004

This year's CHRISTMAS CARD is up in the ILLUSTRATION section. Hoping for the happiest holidays for all you folks kind enough to stop by my site to take a look around, regardless of what you may choose to celebrate. Stay tuned for 2005, I've got some cool stuff in the works.

OCTOBER 14, 2004

Booyah! Man, it's been a while, hasn't it. Time flies when you're having fun and all that. Anyway, the reason for my prolonged lack of updates is that I've been pretty busy doing a big hunk o' freelance for the good people at Hasbro, Inc. working on a truly awesome toy line called XEVOZ.They're completely interchangeable action figures based on a ball and socket system that allows you to build any character you want from the basic models we developed. Now that enough stuff has been released that I won't get in trouble for talking about it, I'm adding a whole new section of my site to showcase the work I've been doing. So step on over to TOY DESIGN to check it out (and if it makes you wanna run out to your local toystore, don't let me stop you...). I've got a lot of other stuff in the pipe as well, although that's for another update.

DECEMBER 20, 2003

The annual CHRISTMAS CARD is up in the ILLUSTRATION section. Regardless of what you celebrate this time of year, it's my hope you have a happy holiday, and may you look forward to a glorious, prosperous, fabulous New Year.

DECEMBER 10, 2003

Hey, long time no see. I uploaded some stuff I did for the recently released action/puzzle game from Adamant Games, Inc. known as DANGER MAZE. This game follows the adventures of two fisted delivery pilot R. "Wrecks" Randall, as he strives to get his deliverys through in spite of an amazing ability to repeatedly crash land in various exotic locales. I've got the splash image up in my ILLUSTRATION gallery, the game's logo in my LOGO section, a shot of the protagonist in my 3D MODELING area, and a bunch of screenshots in GAME INTERFACES. Check 'em out, and if you've got a Window's machine, go by Adamant's site and download the game. It's fun!