GIFT ILLUSTRATIONS- Illustrations done for friends and family.
Wedding Gift for Tucker & Lisa Wedding Gift for Craig & Mandi Wedding Gift for Paul & Jenn Wedding Gift for Michael & Christine Mothers Day Gift Christmas 2000 Christmas 2001 Christmas 2002 Christmas 2003 Christmas 2004

CHRON X - Illustrations for the online collectable card game Chron X *
Tetsujin Big Brothers Sports Entertainment Panic! Andrea Nara Director of America Director of Europe Director of Asia Director of Pacifica Tetsujin's Revenge Holic Visionary Take The Path The Breakpoint Red Claw Rebel NoBody Wins Poxing Gloves Superior Forces Military Victory Craven Armored Battalion Guardian AI Victor Syek UXB Mine Diplomatic Victory Bounty Declaration Customs Alert Magog War Machine Buyout Gaia's Reflection Cthonic Embrace Unidentified Exosuit Viral Scythe Deep Ice Shield Jerald Ruge Tactical Nuke Hasaku Arctic Auton Cyber Base

SPLASH IMAGE- The title image from the game Danger Maze. I did more illustrations for this game, but you'll have to download it to see 'em.**
Danger Maze Splash Image

JOE VIOLENCE - Illustrations of the meanest monster masher around. Go HERE for more info.
Violence Vs. Werewolves Violence Vs. The Gillman Violence Vs. Vampires Violence Vs. The Ubermensch Violence Vs. Mummies Violence Vs. The Yeti Violence Vs. la Chupacabra Violence Vs. The Mothman Violence Vs. The Sea Monster Violence Vs. The Jersey Devil
Violence Vs. The Duplicates Violence Vs. The Terrormites Violence Vs. The Organism Violence Vs. The Thing From Ward 9 Violence Vs. The Apocalypse Entity

THE PLANETS - My BFA thesis at the Cleveland Institute of Art.
Mars, The Bringer of War Venus, The Bringer of Peace Mercury, The Winged Messenger Jupiter, The Bringer of Joviality Saturn, The Bringer of Old Age Uranus, The Magician Neptune, The Mystic About Gustav Holst

ART SCHOOL ARCHIVES - Work done during my studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art.
Coping With Unexpected Growth Ankylosaurus Lion Dog in Oil Crayon Lion Dog in Watercolor I Do Good Work Blizzard Rain of Terror Skull Skull drawn with a Mouse in Photoshopdrawn with Mouse in Photoshop Avoiding Trouble Surveying the Ruins A Grand Procession

*Chron X images are Copyright © 2003 BLUE SKY RED, LLC. "Chron X" and all characters and places therein, are trademark properties of BLUE SKY RED, LLC. All rights reserved.

**This artwork was created as part of "Danger Maze", produced by ADAMANT GAMES, INC. and are ©2003 Adamant Games, Inc.