CHRON X TOURNAMENT GRAPHICS - Promo art for Chron X tournaments*
Divided We Stand Palindrome Mystery Tour Old School/New School Vostok Breakout Deep Freeze Wave Maker Strength In Numbers Asia Megadeck Unmatched Alone In A Crowd Moving Day

WITH AUTHORITY! TOURNAMENT GRAPHICS - Promo Art for With Authority! tournaments**
Grand Slam King of the Ring Rebellion Armageddon Unforgiven Judgement Day Royal Rumble Fall Brawl Backlash Vengeance Summer Slam Survivor Series King of the Ring Guide Night Vengeance Royal Rumble No Mercy GA Summercon II Big Play Day Sunday Heat Monday Tsunami Wednesday Whiplash Thursday Massacre Friday Punishment

CLEVELAND FREELANCE - Work done under the direction of various clients in the Cleveland area from 1995-1997***
For Penton Publishing For Penton Publishing For Penton Publishing For Penton Publishing For Penton Publishing Home Federal Illustration national semiconductor cover electronic dsign cover

* Chron X images are Copyright © 2003 BLUE SKY RED, LLC. "Chron X" and all characters and places therein, are trademark properties of BLUE SKY RED, LLC. All rights reserved.

**This artwork was created as part of "WITH AUTHORITY!", an online collectible card game set, produced by GENETIC ANOMALIES, INC. (GA.), Lexington, Massachusetts, USA and published by THQ, Inc. Copyright © 2000-2003 GENETIC ANOMALIES, INC., Lexington, Massachusetts, USA, A THQ company. Superstar images and appropriate logos are property of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

***This artwork was created for various clients, and the copyright to these images belongs to them.